Our Philosophy

international students in us

The Institute for Global Student Success (IGSS) is a comprehensive year-long program that provides incoming international undergraduate and graduate students like you with the skills and hands-on-practice you need to succeed at American institutions. Add to that access to a global network of friends as well as internship and job opportunities, and you get what you need to succeed on the global stage.

The Institute for Global Student Success is founded on six principles that are present in every aspect of our participants’ experiences:

  1. Each student deserves every possible opportunity to be successful in the United States.
  2. A successful stay in the US is not just defined by how much each international student learns in class or what grades he/she receives. A successful stay means each student does well in class, makes lifelong friends from various countries around the world and has meaningful internships and/or jobs where he/she learns in real-life environments.
  3. Being in a totally new country is tough for any individual of any age. Ongoing support is critical to a student’s academic, personal and professional success.
  4. Support is not a one-time event. Students require support throughout the year.
  5. Students deserve the highest quality instructors, learning materials, social and networking experiences.
  6. Safety and the emotional well being of every student is paramount.

IGSS programming is built on these learning principles:

Internship for international students

  1. The best educators are those who understand the latest and best techniques…and, most importantly, care about the progress of every student.
  2. Students, especially those for whom English is a second language, must be given time to process concepts and new information.
  3. The best way to retain information is to use it right away.
  4. Successful educators focus on how much each student understands and retains, not on how much information is provided.
  5. Understanding social and cultural norms, practices and expectations is critical to acclimating to the US.
  6. Individuals learn better in small groups with personalized attention from faculty.
  7. Both university faculty and professionals are valuable sources of knowledge. Students should have the opportunity to learn from outstanding Professors and successful leaders of corporations, academic institutions and cultural organizations.
  8. International students and alumni of American universities are a valuable resource for incoming students. Sharing their stories of challenges and success models how to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives.