I had 8 business cards after my first year here. After the speed networking with professionals, I got 20 new business cards and networking contacts.


NikiNiki, 2nd Year MS Digital Analytics Student

Even for me as an international student who studied two years at Wharton, I did learn many details from the 8-day intensive workshop. I wish I had the chance to attend the program when I first studied abroad.


LimingWharton MBA

For Asian students, we speak up only when we have something brilliant to say. Prof. Sicola pointed out, in U.S. classroom, participation is simply a way to show the professor that you are actually in the class.


JennyLaw Student

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to learn how to be successful.


Lia1st Year MA in Publishing Student

I was so touched by your caring and consideration. Please keep helping us international students be successful.

Khanh Le

Khanh LeSenior Undergraduate Student

I wish the program is longer. It is exhausting but really fun. I am very lucky to meet with all of the professionals. Thank you for trying so hard to get the best for us.


Lexie1st Year MS in Finance Student

Before I came, I thought I knew a lot but I found out there’s a lot I don’t know.


Tao2nd Year MS Entrepreneurship and Finance Student

I was really impressed by your kindness, devoutness and passion!


Phillipe2nd Year MS Entrepreneurship and Finance Student

I feel like I have an advantage vs. other students. I learned stuff, tried it, refined it and got new contacts.


AngelaJunior Undergraduate Student